Learn About OHCO Luxury Massage Chairs

A pleasant interjection. A subtle exclamation. A moment of tranquility…

Our massage chairs exist at the convergence of modern design, sophisticated technology, and the ancient art of massage.

OHCO is the bespoke expression of Japan’s most renowned designer. OHCO is the precisely nuanced touch of a shiatsu sensei. OHCO is the embodiment of a country’s legacy of craftsmanship.

OHCO is Massage Redefined.

A member of the Furniture For Life® family.


Ken Okuyama

From a world-renowned Ferrari designer comes a study of stillness.


Sensei Okabayashi

Each orchestrated movement, along every touch point of your body — an incomparable symphony of renewal conducted by our shiatsu master.

The Ethos of
Japanese Engineering

Created in a place where the utmost standard of excellence is just the starting point.