His Design Speaks the Language Of the Senses

From a world-renowned Ferrari designer comes a study in stillness.

OHCO designer, Ken Okuyama's, signature

Stillness Amidst Motion

Best-known for designing the most exclusive Ferrari ever sold and bullet trains that eclipse 200 mph (322 kph), Ken Okuyama is drawn to speed. Yet he finds renewal in stillness: winding his watch collection and reflecting on the beauty found in timeless design. In OHCO Ken Okuyama finds the harmony of his competing natures.

Born in Yamagata, Japan, Ken Okuyama graduated from the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, and went on to chair its Transportation Design department before joining the renowned design firm Pininfarina, with whom he had already partnered to design the Enzo Ferrari. As Pininfarina’s Creative Director, he oversaw the design of many more iconic sports cars before opening his own design studio and expanding his portfolio to include eyewear, bullet trains, and furniture.

In OHCO he brings elegance and aesthetic sense to an arena of products infamous for their awkward appearance, and he translates his counterpart sensei Okabayashi’s expert massage choreography into a visual indulgence experienced even before sitting in the chair.

While the angled elegance of an OHCO massage chair evokes movement, Ken’s creation facilitates tranquility in the midst of dynamic engineering. Similar to the interiors of the Shinkansen bullet trains, Ken’s designs are synergistic.

Speed and stillness. Sophistication and technology. OHCO massage chairs hold beauty within and without.

"You have to design the whole environment. Without that the story doesn’t carry through."

Ken Okuyama with an OHCO Massage Chair
Ken Okuyama with an OHCO Massage Chair in black