Esqapes VR OHCO M.8 Massage Chair

Virtual reality entrepreneurs have tried many things — from games to training applications — to lure people into VR. But Micah Jackson had another idea: making a VR app where you’re supposed to do nothing but relax.

Jackson is the founder of Esqapes, a Los Angeles startup that lets you experience soothing VR environments while you’re relaxing in a high-end massage chair. I tried it out during a recent visit to the Esqapes spa in the Wilshire area of Los Angeles and found it to be very relaxing. In fact, I nodded off a few times during a half-hour massage.

In an interview, Jackson told me that he wanted to create an immersive relaxation experience by combining sensory components (like aromatherapy and heat lamps), an Oculus VR headset, and a massage chair.

“The intention with this is that you aren’t active,” Jackson said. “It’s like taking a trip to the Bahamas.”

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