Tips for Choosing the Right OHCO Model

Tips for choosing the right OHCO Massage Chair model for YOU.

how massage chairs work A massage chair, how does it work?

The purpose of the massage chair is to make us enjoy a real moment of relaxation at home. Coming from Japan and inspired by manual massage techniques, it was created to relieve fatigue, dissolve stress and improve blood circulation. Thanks to an electric system of rollers and rotating balls, it relaxes all parts of the body (neck, back, lower back, legs, feet, etc.), globally or targeted, depending on the program.

As in a spa menu, a massage chair can reproduce several massage techniques: shiatsu, kneading, tapping, vibrations, reflexology… It can also be heated to maximize relaxation and comfort. It’s up to you to choose the model that suits you best!

best room for massage chair In which room of the house?

If it fits perfectly in a living room or in an office, the massage chair is installed, especially where there is space. Because once the relaxation session has started (between 15 and 20 minutes), the backrest reclines in the lying position, and the footrest rises to promote relaxation. It is therefore essential to check its dimensions carefully to make sure you have enough space in the room. Another thing: the massage chair must be long enough to be able to support the whole body comfortably. The head and legs must be positioned correctly, at the risk of losing a large part of the relaxation benefits.

Ever more advanced technologies

OHCO Massage Chair Designer JapanKen Okuyama

Intended for all those who wish to relax, the massage chair also appeals to lovers of design objects. Far from the memorizing models of the time, the new massage chairs are downright dizzying. Proof of this is with the OHCO M8 massage chair from Detente. Made in Japan and designed by Ken Okuyama, its futuristic cocoon look is more like a work of art than a massage chair. And yet, it is indeed a relaxation device that it is. The therapeutic massage choreography was designed in collaboration with Japanese shiatsu master Okabayashi Sensei, and powered by a 4D engine that mimics the feel of human hands. With its 14 automatic programs and its premium relaxation options (aromatherapy, Bluetooth audio, ambient lighting, etc.), the sensory experience is absolutely unique. One thing is certain: the massage chair has changed a lot!