US OHCO Massage Chair Launches Domestically

Pioneer of the Ultra-Premium Massage Chair Market

Starting in 2019 at CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics exhibition, the ultra-premium OHCO massage of the Furniture For Life (FFL) group, an American furniture company that has received rave reviews and favorable reviews from visitors from all over the world this year as well. Chair’ is finally starting a full-fledged sortie in Korea and Europe.

Carein Co., Ltd. (CEO Jun-Seok Cho), the Korean subsidiary, announced that the super-premium lineup M.8 series was successfully completed for three months from November to January and will start full-scale sales in Korea in February. . As an official channel, sales will be made in limited stores that are officially affiliated with major department stores including Shinsegae Department Store Gangnam, Gyeonggi, Centum City, and Daegu.

Considering that Furniture For Life and the Korean subsidiary signed an MOU in June last year, the Furniture For Life Group of the United States is the world’s best in the Korean market, which has been prepared for a relatively long time and hastily set the launch time with major European countries such as Germany, Russia, and the UK. Recognized as Korea’s ultra-premium home appliance market, it proved that Korea is the top priority in Asia. The Furniture For Life Group announced that it plans to introduce an additional premium lineup in Korea after focusing on the M.8 lineup, the top model in the first half of this year.

Birth of the OHCO Massage Chair with America

Furniture For Life, which created the OHCO massage chair, was founded by ‘Cliff Levin’, known as an expert in functional furniture. It is a specialized company with various brands such as Positive Posture. As a premium massage chair over $10,000 in the US, it is known as the only company that sells more than 20,000 units a year.

Based on such industry status and infrastructure, since 2017, the Massage Chair Research Center has been established in Boulder, Colorado, the base of the US bio-industry, and has been dedicated to the globalization and luxury of massage chairs, a cultural product limited to Japan and Asian markets.

To this end, we hired software engineers with the best careers in the U.S. and spurred the development of ultra-premium massage chairs through a consortium with world authorities in each field. is attracting attention.

Incorporating the world’s best design and technology

The CEO & Founder of Furniture For Life, Cliff Levin, emphasized that the OHCO massage chair is the best product in the world in an interview with many media at CES and said that he prides himself on being the best because the best experts have gathered and tested it.

In fact, the OHCO massage chair is highly regarded for its stable design despite its unusual structure.

Ken Okuyama is famous for his speed design, which designed the world’s leading supercars from Ferrari, Porsche, and Maserati, as well as the Japanese Shinkansen. Currently, through collaborations with leading brands worldwide, the Kenokuyama collection of automobiles, furniture, and eyeglasses boasts a premium of more than 10 times the market price of similar products.

The massage motions and program composition of the OHCO Massage Chair, which was created as a hardware platform through the philosophy of the designer who boasts the best skills, were handled by Okabayashi, a master of Japanese acupressure massage.

Implementing the most prestigious shiatsu massage in Japan, he operates his massage centers and training centers all over the country. He also has an unusual history of being a kickboxing champion in Japan and says the most important thing is to create a harmony of mind and body through the pressure of the body’s meridians.

To reflect his therapeutic massage know-how in the operation of the massage chair, Okabayashi led the best software engineers at the Furniture For Life Research Center in the United States and realized it in the massage chair as OHCO’s unique massage program.

On the other hand, OHCO massage chairs are being produced in the Fukuoka plant in Kitakyushu in collaboration with Furniture For Life and ‘ATEX,’ representative health equipment manufacturing company in Japan. Artex has created a precision ultra-premium massage chair with Furniture For Life through more than 20 years of production know-how of health functional products.

Considering the current market environment, where more than 90% of massage chair brands are produced in factories in China, the exquisite combination of ‘USA BRAND’ and ‘MADE IN JAPAN’ of OHCO massage chairs will realize the highest value and premium in all sectors. demonstrates the will of

Recognized in the world beyond the United States

CES Award Furniture For Life exhibited the OHCO massage chair M.8 lineup under the concept of ‘Dream Wave’ at CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, held in Las Vegas before launching in the North American market in 2019. The result was a great success. It received the ‘Innovation Awards’ in each category by comprehensively evaluating the innovativeness of the product and was introduced as a brand that focused attention on massage chair brands in the media around the world, including in the United States.

As a result of this opportunity, exports to major countries, such as Europe, Australia, Africa, and North America, were made. At CES 2020 in January of this year, it exhibited the largest scale among massage chairs and succeeded in drawing more attention from the industry than last year.

Also, in July 2019, it was awarded the ‘Platinum Award,’ the highest authority at the ‘EPDA (European Product Design Award),’ Europe’s largest product design award sponsored by the EU Parliament.

As a result, it has been recognized worldwide for its highest level of product innovation and product design. Furniture For Life’s CEO Cliff Levin said in a press release, “Massage chairs are now open to a full-fledged premium market with the highest level of OHCO massage chairs that bring harmony in each sector with the living environment of users regardless of whether they are in the East or the West. ‘, he said.

EU Product Design Award Recently, Bentley, one of the world’s top three famous cars, along with Rolls-Royce and Maybach, selected the M.8 series of OHCO massage chairs in the annual ‘Exploring the Extraordinary‘ published to introduce the best masterpieces to improve the quality of life of users. 

On the other hand, Furniture For Life showed confidence that Hollywood and sports stars who are interested in the finest products in the United States are flooding with purchases and inquiries of OHCO massage chairs.

OHCO Massage Chair Brand to release in 10 countries around the world

Currently, OHCO massage chairs are available in the United States, North, and South America regions such as Canada and Mexico, Europe regions such as the UK, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Asia/Oceania regions such as Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa, Reunion, etc. It is divided into African regions, etc., and has completed or is in the process of launching into major countries worldwide.

In Germany and Australia, it has created a sensation from the beginning and recorded the world’s largest pre-order sales, and in Japan, the parent company that operates high-end furniture stores across the country announced that it would strategically limit sales to limited VIP customers in some stores.

An official of Furniture For Life said that the head office judges Korea as the largest market among foreign countries except for the United States. He said he was confident.

Exploring Korea’s ultra-premium market

Through this M.8 series, OHCO aims to become a premium brand in the massage chair market, aiming for ‘super premium’, surpassing Japanese massage chair brands such as Panasonic and Inada Family, which were recognized as the existing top-end models. strategy to establish itself.

In fact, the worldwide price for the series is $12,000 for the M.8 and $15,000 for the M.8LE. If calculated in Korean Won, the price is over 15 million won, including VAT. Even if discounts are applied through promotions, it is expected to exceed 10 million won. This is because OHCO, a relatively new brand, is set at the highest price compared to the existing domestic and foreign famous brands.

In fact, even in the US, Japan, and Europe, the consumer electronics market has a growing preference for premium products, so when looking at the comparable Korean market, it is determined that there is a sufficient market, and the Furniture For Life Group will successfully settle it within the first half of the year.

Cho Jun-Seok, CEO of Carein, a Korean subsidiary, confidently said, “OHCO’s M.8 series with overwhelming performance and refined design will win the hearts of Korean customers who are looking for a premium.” In addition to products, the chair plans to lead the growth of the premium massage chair market in Korea with services that exceed customer expectations, including the industry’s shortest period of nationwide free delivery and the longest 5-year warranty in the industry.”

Powerful first lineup M.8 series… open a new horizon

OHCO’s M.8 series massage chair has been well received at CES for its structure and function that is clearly differentiated from most Chinese and Japanese brands, raising the expectations of industry officials even before its launch. In addition, Furniture For Life CEO Cliff Levin selected high-end furniture brands, not massage chairs, as competitors for OHCO massage chairs in an interview with the media at CES 2020. This is a part of Furniture For Life’s confidence that it can be recognized.

▷ Rear swing door = As the industry’s first and only swing door that opens and closes on both sides, you can sit on a massage chair as easily as if you were riding in a car without straining your back. This is a part that gives a glimpse of the brilliant history of supercar designer Ken Okuyama and the brand spirit of changing the usage environment itself.

▷ MaxTrack = MaxTrack, born with OHCO’s proprietary technology, realizes SL type 4D massage that freely implements all angles and positions by completely independently controlling the main frame connected to the back, seat, and legs. It is a technology that was born through a lot of investment and special effort before development. According to the official, compared to cars, OHCO is like two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles.